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Includes a letter of termination template.

An Example of a Sample Letter of Termination


A sample termination letter is just that, a sample of how to begin writing a termination letter. But you will need to write a termination letter for each specific case you encounter. It is helpful, though, to consider a sample termination letter to help determine exactly what information you need to include.

Basic format for sample termination letter:



Concurrent with our meeting regarding your employment status on (give date), I regret to inform you that your employment with (name of company) is terminated beginning (date)/or immediately.

Discussed in our meeting are the following reasons why employment with our company is terminated:

1. (Use this space to first list the reasons for firing the employee. If necessary make bullet points to clarify)
2. (Use this space to reiterate previous meetings with the employee on their behavior. Here you will want to list the number of employee warning forms the worker received. Also include the agenda that you discussed for termination if the employee continue the behavior discussed in previous meetings.)

As of the date of your termination it is essential that you (here you will need to state anything that needs to be done before termination, such as the return of a company car, returning any company equipment or materials the employee may have at home. You can also use this space to note any other administrative paperwork the employee must complete, such as per diem receipts for travel or expenses the company needs to pay the employee).

Your final day of work will be (date) and it is expected that you fulfill this entire time period as stated in your employee contract (or noted verbally). Regarding your finances (This is a good place to clearly state how the you will give the employee’s final paycheck. Also include whether they will receive any benefits, when those benefits will end and if there is a severance package or remaining holiday pay.).

Legalities (This is a good space to reiterate any verbal discussions that were had about terms and conditions, such as a nondisclosure. It is also important to remind the employee that they can appeal the decision for termination).
Thank you for your time at our company and best of luck to you in the future.


(Name of Employer or HR manager)

Attached: (Be sure to attach any documents that the letter discusses including warning forms, nondisclosure agreements, severance package information, holiday pay details, and a final paycheck if possible.)

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